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The A-9X is designed to obtain television and/or thermal imagery of terrain using interchangeable payloads, remotely conducting aerial monitoring of long and wide-area terrain in real time.

All the received information is recorded on board the UAV and at the ground control station.

Composition of "A-9X":

1. Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) of multirotor type.
2. Ground control station (GCS).
3. Gyro-stabilised payloads.
4. Ground-based maintenance equipment.

Ground control station

The ground control station is designed for: flight planning, flight path control, display of UAV parameters, display of GCS parameters, display of flight path on the map, data recording, target load control, etc.

The Etlas Mobile ground control station used in the UAV complex is a control panel that combines the functions of remote flight control in manual mode, flight support according to a specified route through a software module, automatic return to the take-off/landing point on battery discharge. Flight planning is terrain-specific, with area, line and vertical missions supported.



The UAV is equipped with a removable television (daylight) camera, a removable thermal (IR) camera, or a combined camera to carry out its intended mission. The features implemented allow the UAV to search for, detect and identify ground targets. 



The developed complex is available as a basic unit. This UAS is certified and universal in its application. Additional modifications are possible in accordance with the technical requirements of the customer.

Advantages of purchasing "A9-X":
  • Application of unmanned technologies allows to reduce labor inputs (up to 50%) for inspection of various objects of infrastructure, simultaneously increasing their information content and reliability (up to 100%);
  • Provides possibility of survey of objects difficult of access or dangerous (hazardous) for people - all objects of industry are potentially dangerous for people;
  • Provides possibility to conduct both narrowly focused and complex surveys of various objects, providing versatility of the survey;
  • The use of the data obtained leads to an increase in the efficiency of enterprises - savings of up to 30% of resources!
Tactical and technical characteristics

UAV Size

850´450´270 mm

Climb rate

5 m/s

Max. Take-off Weight

9 kg

Max. Payload

 2,5 kg


 50 min

Max. Speed

45 km/h

Max. radio communication range

5-8 km

Wind limit

12 m/s

Max. altitude above sea level

 4 000 m

Radio frequency range

2,4 GHz    



Tale-off/ Landing


Mission payloads

 TV camera; IR camera; combined TV/IR camera, GNSS equipment


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