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A manned ultralight aircraft kept in the air by the interaction of a freely rotating propeller with the air environment.

The Yastreb gyroplane, compared to similar gyroplanes, has a longer flight time (up to 6h with 120l tanks) and a maximum top speed (200 km/h).
  • The safest type of aircraft;
  • Capable of taking off from small and unprepared sites;
  • Can use additional attachments and optional attachments;
  • Avionics instrument panel with the ability to connect a GPS system;
  • High power and low weight;
  • Low fuel consumption;
  • Low noise level and emissions;
  • High reliability and easy maintenance.
Application of the gyroplane "Yastreb":
  • Training, sightseeing and recreational flights.
  • Reconnaissance operations. Border monitoring.
  • Monitoring by law-enforcement and security services of different departments.
  • Control of power lines and oil and gas pipelines.
  • Agrochemical operations.
  • Environmental monitoring. Monitoring and survey of ice and flooding conditions. Forest, agricultural and hunting grounds patrolling.
  • Highways and railways monitoring.
  • Search and evacuation of emergency victims.
Key features:
  • Reliability and safety (no corkscrews and stalling).
  • Simplicity and ease of operation.
  • High maneuverability in flight.
  • Highest resistance to strong winds and turbulence.
  • Comfort (wide cabin, comfortable seats, excellent visibility, low vibration - ideal for aerial photography, video shooting).
  • Low cost and affordability of ownership and operation.
  • Short take-off and landing distances and ability to operate from unprepared sites.
Technical Specifications
Empty weight 295 kg Cockpit width 1360 mm
Maximum takeoff weight 560 kg On-board equipment weight 260 kg
Minimum flight speed 60 km/h Maximum flight speed 200 km/h 
Radio channel distance 510-750 km
Flight duration 4-6 h
Power generator Reciprocating engine Rotax 914F
Engine topping power 73.5 kW / 5500 rpm
Airborne voltage 13.5 V


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