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Aviation Technologies and Systems - China-Belarus Closed Joint-Stock Company (CJSC «ATS»), focusing on the production of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) based on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) of various types, as well as modern ultra-light manned dual-purpose aviation products.

Moreover, CJSC «ATS» provides services for aerial photography and monitoring of an objective area using manufactured equipment with subsequent processing of the reduction in the interests of various industries.

 At present the company specializes in production UAS of multirotor and airplane-type ground-based aerial vehicles, as well as multipurpose hybrid-type ground-based aerial vehicles. Depending on the assigned tasks, the produced UAVs are equipped with interchangeable target payloads: high-resolution video camera, infrared camera, laser rangefinder, gnss-equipment or a combination of the above-mentioned payloads.

In 2020 CJSC "ATS" started production of unique rotary-wing aircraft, combining in one aircraft the capabilities of an airplane and a helicopter - gyroplanes.

The center of the enterprise is located in the Industrial Park "Great Stone", the 33rd resident of which is CJSC "ATS". The production facilities of the enterprise consist of three production and testing sites and include:

1. Production site for the assembly of the main components of machinery;

2. Production site for final assembly;

3. Flight-testing facility on the basis of "Sivitsa" airfield (Borisov, Minsk region).

 All products are manufactured on the basis of own developments, the main concept of which is to improve the reliability of operation, duration and range of flights of the developed equipment.

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