The main tasks to solve in Forestry sphere:

  • forests mapping

  • monitoring (changes) of forest resources

  • prediction and prevention the occurrence of possible emergencies

  • smoldering peat fire detection of small lesions

  • definition of species of trees, assess damage after

  • forest fires, natural disasters or industrial deforestation

  • environmental monitoring

  • identification of locations of landfills and acts of unauthorized activity, the person and number of violators machines on the territory of nature reserves, historical and cultural monuments of nature

UAV technologies allow rapidly and accurately define the area covered by forest fires, find hot spots, clarify the windfalls borders, count the wild animals and even calculate poachers.

Rapid and economically efficient survey provides control under the hunting resources and habitat, knowledge of illegal activities and land under wild-growing trees and shrubs and supervision over other forestry areas..

Air monitoring also allows you to:

  • detect and determine the areas completely or partially felled by hurricane winds, as well as areas of drying or over-wetting forests, the influence of pests and diseases;

  • assess the state of forest funds;

  • find illegal logging, keep records of forest plantations;

  • determine the species composition and identify the centres of pest or disease spread;

  • ·        control forest protection measures or fires;

  • ·        assess economic and environmental damage; develop an emergency response plan.

Results of UAV Forest management monitoring 




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