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3D Models

3D Models

Highly detailed, georeferenced 3D models of urban and natural environment is a unique information product. It finds application in providing the information systems for urban development with basic information on the terrain. It is also used for the development of survey projects, update of topographic plans, large-scale mapping, land use control, environmental and operational tasks. 

The results of the works are represented by:

  • Dense point cloud 1 point per 1-16 pixels of the original image of obj, ply, txt, las, e57, u3d, oc3, pdf formats;

  • Textured georeferenced model of environment of obj, 3ds, vrml, dxf, collada, pdf formats:

  • Orthophoto as a single file or as a tile system of any format: geotiff, jpg, png, GoogleEarth KML\KMZ;

  • Digital Environment Model (matrix of heights) as a single file or as a tile of the geotiff or kmz format.

In addition you get the access to:

  • Original photos

  • Coordinates of the reference and control points

  • Coordinates of the centers of photography and elements of orientation

  • Technical report


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