Wide range of energetics tasks to solve: aerial photography of masts and power lines, detection of wire slack between transmission towers, survey of areas adjacent to power lines, detection of damage of transmission lines, top inspections of power transmission lines support and high-voltage cables.

The UAV can be used for scheduled detection of high-voltage lines, observation and photography from various heights, inspection of high-voltage lines and protection zones, detection of defects and violations, cartographic works - plans, 3D models and accompany of high-voltage lines construction and reconstruction works. UAV monitoring is absolutely safe for humans and provides detailed inspection from different angles. Results are represented by high resolution materials.

In addition, aero surveys allow to monitor the work at the NPP areas, detect the unauthorized persons and vehicles within the limits of protected areas, and implement remotely radiation reconnaissance.

The obtained data is processed, might be represented by 3D-models, orthophotos. The lidar survey data is combined, the main parameters of overhead lines are determined.

The received materials are used during the database creation and self-engineered GIS filling.

The use of UAVs technologies leads to improvement of the effectiveness, energetic operations safety.




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