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Thermal imaging survey

Thermal imaging survey

Thermal imaging surveys are carried out with the help of self-engineered UAV. A thermal imager of the range of 8-14 mcm (long-wave IR range) and a camera for simultaneous aerial photography in the visible range are installed.

In addition, it is possible to combine television and thermal imaging survey, which allows you to get more informative content. 

Thermal imaging survey is required for: 

  • Secure of exact control of the thermal state of equipment and constructions without taking them out of service;

  • search of objects with high temperature: sources of smoldering and burning, overheated equipment, invisible on ordinary photographs;

  • monitoring of pipelines, detection of possible leaks and unauthorized tie-ins to oil pipelines and detection of persons or objects located in the protective zone of pipelines, regardless of the time of day;

  • monitoring of underground and aboveground thermal communications;

  • assessing the thermal efficiency of buildings, searching for places of heat leakage;

  • identify heat loss, search for equipment defects, localization of leaks or discharge points of wastewater.

Thermal imaging monitoring leads to an increase in the heating networks efficiency, a reduction in heat loss, a decrease in the number of accidents, and the cost of heating of buildings decline.

Observations are carried out even in conditions of limited visibility and at night. The result of thermal imaging survey can be converted to a 3D model.


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