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The A20-X is designed for long-range real-time airborne monitoring of extended and large areas of the terrain.

The A-20X is a six-propeller multicopter (hexcopter), distinguished primarily by its high performance and high flight time (75 minutes!).
The power plant of the hexacopter consists of six motors and six beams, each beam has two motors, one of which is a pulling and the other is a pushing one.

Tactical and technical characteristics

UAV Size

400×730×930 мм

Climbing speed

4 m/s

Take-off Weight

21 kg


10 kg


75 min

Max. Speed

55 km/h

Max. radio communication range

10 km

Wind limit

12 m/s

Maximum altitude above sea level

4 000 m

Stabilization accuracy in hover mode

Vertical: ±1 м

Horizontal: ±1,5 м



Take-off/ Landing

Vertical takeoff (landing), including landing in case of loss of control, when the battery is discharged

Mission payloads

TV camera; IR camera; combined camera, GNSS equipment

Состав БАК А-20Х

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) of multirotor type.

  • Ground control station (GCS).

  • Gyrostabilized payloads.
  • Ground-based maintenance equipment.

The ground control station is designed for: flight planning, flight path control, display of UAV parameters, display of GCS parameters, display of flight path on the map, data recording, target load control, etc.

The Etlas Neo II is a multifunctional and highly integrated ground control station, which is resistant to external factors such as water, dust, impacts, etc.
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Mission payloads



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