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Searching, detection, capturing and following of static and mobile subjects. Land resources monitoring, aerial surveillance of ground or surface objects at distances up to 10 km, tying them to a map terrain in real time during day and at night.

This UAS may be applied for:
  • Mapping, searching, detection, and following of static and moving subjects under clear and adverse meteorological conditions at any time with video transfer in real time to the ground control station.
  • Detection and determination of coordinates of ground objects.
  • Detailed service and industrial target diagnostics.
  • Video surveillance and aerial photography.
A10-X components:
  • UAV with target load
  • ground control station
  • antenna
  • SPTA set

Flight Modes:
  • manual control
  • semi-automatic control
  • automatic control

Technical Specifications

UAV Size

1360x1360x500 mm

Rotor Size

71х22 (66х20) mm

Max. Take-off Weight

12 kg

Max. Mission Payload

2 kg

Cruising Speed

20-30 km/h

Max. Speed

45 km/h

Operating Height

100-500 m

Service Ceiling

3000 m

Control Radius                                                                     10 km


60 min



Tale-off/ Landing



Combined high-resolution video camera TV band, IR band and laser rangefinder, camera, multispectral camera


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